Eid Prayer & Breakfast Refreshment 22nd August

Wed 22 Aug, Arena 3 Entrance through Pascal Street.

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Assalam Alaikum

Please find details about the Eid Al Adha Prayers

When: Wednesday, the 22nd August 2018

Where: Arena 3 (Entrance through Pascal Street), Arena Manawatu, Palmerston North

Time: Takbeer: 7.30 am; and Salah: 8:00 am.

On behalf of MMA I would also like to invite you for light refreshment(Breakfast) in Arena 3 just after Eid Prayers. I would encourage you to invite your friends Muslim and non-Muslim to join us for breakfast. Please advise us if you are bringing any friends just for Catering Purpose.

Insha ALALH we will look forward to see you all.


Taqabbal’ALLAHU minna wa minkum

Find attached the poster


For more info – https://www.manawatumuslims.org.nz

Syed Qazafi Anjum

on behalf of Manawatu Muslim Association