About Us

Manawatu Muslims Association (MMA) was established in 1980 and has brought together Muslims from all over the Manawatu region. MMA currently owns the Palmerston North Masjid, which is the largest mosque in the region and serves over 1,000 Muslims resident in Manawatu and visiting from all around the world. The Masjid premises consist prayer halls for men and women, tenancy area, teaching and library facilities, play areas, maintained gardens and catering facilities. MMA is funded by FIANZ and donations from our Muslim community.

Manawatu Muslims Association ​(2015-17)

Executive committee:

  1. President: Dr Zulfiqar Haider Butt
  2. Vice-President: Dr Ibrahim Al Bahadly
  3. Acting General Secretary: Syed Qazafi Anjum
  4. Treasurer: Atif Rahim

Committee members:

  1. Zubeda Shariff (Women representative)
  2. Samah Andy (Women representative)
  3. Hazim Arafeh
  4. Riaz Rehman
  5. Ahmer Khwaja
  6. Dr Mohammed Tellawey
  7. Saleh Osman
  8. Maulana Ali
  9. Abdul Mutallib

Manawatu representatives for FIANZ (2015-17)

  1. Dr Zulfiqar Haider Butt
  2. Rashad Syed