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Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him a house like it in Paradise

Sahih al-Bukhari 450, Ṣaḥiḥ Muslim 533

Donations Campaign NEW MASJID PROJECT – Manawatu Muslims Association


As communities grow and new communities arrive on our shores, our resources are stretched to the brim. We require bigger space to accommodate growing population and new arrivals.

With this in mind, MMA embarked on a project which will see greater number of people fit into our masjid. A project is currently underway in revamping our current masjid to increase its capacity to hold more people. To undertake work of this nature demand money and resources.
So here we are asking for your humble help in making donations towards this worthy project. There are innumerable rewards in building a house of Allah. Many many generations would benefit from this project.

donate for day to day mosque expenses

One of the primary sources of income for our Islamic centre is through Donations. Your Donations goes long way towards day to day running of the masjid. It helps us towards purchasing toilet and Wudu supplies as well as paying for expenses such as power, heating, water, rates and internet.

Your donations are the foundation of our masjid. It ensures smooth running of our masjid. It also keeps us united and steadfast in the remembrance of Allah SWT. Your regular donations to our Islamic centre is always welcomed and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your donations to our masjid It helps a lot.

Donations Campaign MASJID EXPENSE – Manawatu Muslims Association

Donations Campaign AL-IQRA SCHOOL EXPENSE – Manawatu Muslims Association

donate for
Al-Iqra school

Islamic Education is our utmost priority, MMA has taken a very active approach when it comes to Islamic Education for our children. Al Qalm School is conducting by MMA which emphasizing the importance of Quran and Ahadith knowledge and education in order for our children to fulfil their duties and obligations to Allah and humanity.

There is an expense involve in running the school including other Al-Iqra School activities such as Eid kids event, annual programs, other outdoor activities etc.

donate for
funeral expenses

MMA Islamic centre is the only Muslim organisation in Aotearoa NZ which offers free Janaza service to its members. What makes our Janaza service free is our ability to pre purchase burial plots. Funds received through donations and by way of fund raising makes it possible to plan our Janaza services effectively to ensure that our members receive free Janaza service when the services are needed.

So please keep your donations coming in and it will be used in the best of ways.

Donations Campaign FUNERAL SERVICES – Manawatu Muslims Association