Marriage Application

  • Posted on: 19 January 2015
  • By: Admin_RSY
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Choose your desired day for the actual Marriage Ceremony. The date will be finalized upon discussion with your families and the facilitators from the Manawatu Muslims Association. Please enter the required information in the following pages to allow us prepare the Marriage Certificates and other required documentation. If you have any queries regarding this online Marriage Application form, please contact us at or contact us via our Contact Us details.
If you select Yes, dowry information will not be shown on the marriage certificate. If you select no, the dowry information entered below will be shown on the marriage certificate.
This amount needs to be paid on the day of the marriage or earlier, as agreed between the bride and the bridegroom.
If the dowry is paid in two or more installments, enter the agreed balance amount here.
Describe any marital conditions if applicable.